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Subject: Ad-hoc group to work on key OASIS internal document management issues

Now that the migration to the new Kavi based collaboration tools is mostly complete - Karl Best on the OASIS staff is most likely going to be forming an ad-hoc group to brainstorm solutions for many of the issues that have been raised by OASIS TC chairs that need addressing to better help TC's run their business - a lot of this comes down to document management issues. This includes a topic near and dear to this TC, namely the need for OASIS namespaces that are also valid URLs that we can use in our spec documents. Given that I have been one of the many people raising these types of issues with the OASIS staff and given the specific needs we have in our TC for a solution to the Namespace issue I have volunteered to be on this ad-hoc group. If anyone else on the WSS TC has the time and energy and interest and would like to help contribute in any way to helping OASIS resolve these types of issues please contact Karl. His ID is karl.best@oasis-open.org


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