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Subject: RE: [wss] Interop Scenario Descriptions - New Format

At 03:58 PM 4/29/2003, Hal Lockhart wrote:
Comments in line.

> A. The document doesn't say anything about transport. It's my
> understanding
> that we've agreed on HTTP, but it doesn't say anything about what fields
> might be present. In particular it doesn't say anything about the
> SOAPAction field. We would like it to be stated that this field should be
> empty (is one issue we would like to resolve.  Specifically we would like
> the SOAPAction header to be empty.

Actually lines 128, 235 and 398 say "This contract covers a request/response
MEP over the http binding." Since SOAPAction is optional in this binding, I
did not mention it.

I think we want the header not to be present, rather than empty. I will add
"The SOAPAction http header MUST NOT be present."

This appears to be a SOAP versioning issue. The fellow who originally raised it with me says:

from the W3C SOAP 1.1 spec [1]:
 "An HTTP client MUST use this header field when issuing a SOAP HTTP Request."

from the WS-I BP 1.0 [2] (Board Approval Draft, Date: 2003/03/28 19:36:34):
 "R1109 - The value of the SOAPAction HTTP header field in a HTTP request MESSAGE MUST be a quoted string."

I guess Hal is assuming SOAP 1.2, which has remove the use of SOAPAction.

My understanding was that WSS was based on SOAP 1.1.

What our draft currently says is

This specification is designed to work with the general SOAP message structure and message
processing model, and should be applicable to any version of
SOAP. The current SOAP 1.2
namespace URI is used herein to provide detailed examples, but there is no intention to limit the
applicability of this specification to a single version of

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