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Subject: RE: [wss] Proposed interop logistics

My list of things we need:
Ethernet ports how many? (3-4) per company? is that too many - I assume RJ45, not wireless
Static IP addresses - might be easier to give each company 10 or so
DNS ? are we going to omit the use of DNS?
We need the two X.509 certificates
What about clock synchronization? - set them manually?
Proposed list of usernames and passwords:
Chris - sirhC
Kelvin - nivleK
Phill - llihP
Tony - ynoT
Ron - noR
John - nhoJ
Hal - laH
Jerry - yrreJ
Steve - evetS
Eric - cirE
I think it would be a better use of time to pair off and test in pairs, assuming most people have clients and servers. We can informally switch off as people are ready. We can still use the matrix to track our progress as you suggest.
The experience at the SAML interop suggests that implementations may stop working as a result of other fixes. I suggest, time permitting, that once we believe everybody interops with everybody else, we do a code freeze and a final run thru the matrix. That way everybody can take home code that is known to work.
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From: Chris Kaler [mailto:ckaler@microsoft.com]
Sent: Thursday, May 29, 2003 3:17 AM
Subject: [wss] Proposed interop logistics

Here is a proposal what do people think?


1. We will have Ethernet for everyone testing.  

2. Everyone will be assigned a static IP address (192.168.1.*)

3. We construct a matrix for each of the interop tests of who has client and server code

4. For each test we sequentially use each server implementation

            a. Put the server IP address on the wall

            b. Test from each client

            c. Debug/record results





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