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Subject: Re: [wss] Groups - oasis-200401-wss-x509-token-profile-1.0.pdf uploaded

Here are editorial comments on X.509 Profile.

Lines 135, 136
  "WS-Security-enhanced message"
  We don't have the definition for "WS-Security-enhanced".
  I think that we can say just "SOAP message" here instead of
  "WS-Security-enhanced message".

Line 152
  Please delete this line, because similar sentece exists at Line 167.

Lines 179, 182, 184
  "#X509v3 Token Type", "#X509PKIPathv1 Token Type", "#PKCS7 Token Type"

  When we mention about token types in the document, (I think) we
  don't have to use the URI expression.
  I think that just saying "X509v3 Token Type", "X509PKIPathv1 Token
  Type" and "PKCS7 Token Type" is sufficient.

Line 183
  "The wsse:X509PKIPathv1 token type"
  QName should not be used.

Line 185
  "The wsse:PKCS7 token type"
  QName should not be used.

Line 215
  This must be a URI.
  This would be "#X509SubjectKeyIdentifier" relative to the URI for
  the profile spec.  (?)

Lines 250-251
  "<wsse:SecurityTokenReference> element dereferencing transform"
  -> "STR Dereference Transform"

Line 255
  "element includes" -> "element which includes"

Line 258
  "reference itself" -> "certificate itself,"

Line 263

Line 274
  ".../STR-Transform" -> "...#STR-Transform"

Line 304
  "wsse:BinarySecurityToken" --> "<wsse:BinarySecurityToken>"
Line 305
  "Security header" --> "<wsse:Security> header"

Line 350
  "#KeyInfo" -> "#keyinfo"

Line 353
  "S="  -> "S11="

Line 442
  "The use of X.509 certificates with WS-Security introduces ..."
  "The use of X.509 certificate token introduces ..."

Line 443
  Two periods ("..") at the end of the line.

NISHIMURA Toshihiro (FAMILY Given)
XML/Web Services Technology Dept.,

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