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Subject: Re: [xacml-comment] RE: Attribute Array in JSON Request


I understand your point. At that rate, though, you could argue we should have stuck with XML :-) Yes it is true that programs will send the requests and that developers will write those programs one-off. My experience is that there are a lot of developers out there that just give up at the first sign of the slightest bit of complexity. I want to make XACML as simple as possible. Note BTW that what I am doing here in the JSON profile is something we had in XACML 2.0: resource-specific elements. In XACML 3.0, we went down the path of generalization. I love the idea of generalization but how often do customers use a category other than the 4 standard ones? In my experience, rarely.

The example you mention is quite clearly an MDP. I think it's stated in the profile. Is it not?

Our concern – I mean my team’s – is more about safety/security. When the syntax allows two ways of writing the same thing, or one generic way with some exceptions, it makes validation trickier and more error-prone. (I wrote a JSON schema for the JSON Profile and this makes quite a difference in complexity.)

Your previous argument can be used here: you wrote the validation. It was a one-off effort. It's done.

Re. the JSON schema, how did you do that? Would you be willing to share it with us? The schema could become the normative form.


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