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Subject: Re: [xacml-dev] Multiple Subjects in a single request

On May 27, 2005, at 4:19 PM, Mine Altunay wrote:
> Let say i have two subjects (1 and 2) in a request. In my policy  
> there is
> a single "read" rule that should check different attributes from each
> subject attribute sets. How am I going to express in the rule  
> definition
> that attr1 AND attr2 from subject1 and subject2 must be present?
> Can I use rule combining functions inside of a rule. or should I  
> define
> two seperate rules to check two subject attributes

Is it just a "must be present" check, or are you interested in  
specific values? Yes, you could combine separate Rules, or you could  
put this in one Condition, or you could have a Target like

         <SubjectAttributeDesignator SubjectCategory="subject1"
         <SubjectAttributeDesignator SubjectCategory="subject2"

It's up to you. You treat attributes from multiple subjects exactly  
as you do multiple attributes from a single subject, just including  
the category info.


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