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Subject: [xacml] [XACML administrivia] Non-TC OASIS Members on Mailing List

It turns out that the OASIS policy is that OASIS members who are not TC
members can only join the TC's mailing list if the TC explicitly votes to
allow this. This is mostly about posting to the list (and a tiny bit of
convenience) since the achives are public.

I think we should vote to allow this because:

1. We have not had any problems with messages from non-members.
2. Enforcement would be a pain, since any one can become a prospective
member just by asking and do we drop lapsed members?

At the F2F we voted to allow email votes. I think this would be a good thing
to vote by email. Unfortunately we did not define any procedure for email
votes. The normal process of calling for a motion and a second seems
cumbersome, so I propose to abuse my power as Co-chair for what I hope is a
routine matter and pretend that I have heard a motion and second of this:

OASIS members in good standing will be allowed to subscribe to
xacml@lists.oasis-open.org whether they are XACML TC members or not.

I further propose that we accept both votes and discussion (if any) at the
same time by email. If there are objections to this irregular procedure,
please say so.

I hereby cast my vote in favor of this motion.


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