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Subject: [xacml] Specification number...

Title: Specification number...

Hi all,

On today's call we decided to change the number of the new Committee Spec. to 1.1 (since the version we approved prior to the start of the comment period was 1.0).  However, in several places in the spec we refer to "XACML v1.0", and all of our names (URIs) have "1.0" in them.  Ultimately, if we get to OASIS Standard, I assume that standard will be numbered 1.0.  This all seems potentially confusing.

Would it be any better to call this Committee Specification version 1.01, or 1.0a, or 1.0.1?  Any other suggestions or comments?

Please respond as soon as possible; I'd like to get the final version out today.


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