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Subject: Minutes of XACML TC Meeting 26 June 2003

Hal: Accept minutes form 6/12
Hal: no objections to the election of Bill Karduchi as co-chair

Hal: Focus on what it takes to close 1.1
Hal: Go through minutes of focus group of 6/19

Anne: walk through the minutes

Anne: schema issue on URI Equality
Hal: Motion to Simon to change the schema  to URI Equality

Tim:  already covered in 5.32, no action needed

Hal: Motion to clarify section according to focus group

errata 3.2
type unification definition proposal (bill comment on June 20)

Anne: new errta item on obligations
Hal: Motion o propose the following edit - Policy and policyset to be
treated the same in all policy combining algorithms

Anne: xpath node match issue
Hal: motion to accept replace of second half of definition of xpath

Hal: What else is needed to wrap-up 1.1
Anne: couple of items to wrap up
Anne: properties for combining algorithms and  work item G are still open
Hal: any other items open ?
Anne: item 1A is still open
Anne: item C is still open
Steve: Item C was dropped, Mary 29th minuets
Anne: Item C was added back May30th
Hal: motion to accept text  as documented May 30th
Steve: comment on override, these only guarantee order at the level the
combining, edit need to add

Anne: Issue on putting obligations in rules, added complexity and you can
put the same obligations in policy
Michiharu: has issue with this as it does not add complexity, its up to the
implementor as some folks will not implement obligations
Anne: it does add to the size to the schema, so should push off to 2.0

Michiharu: agree to push off to 2.0
Hal: makes sense to create a 2.0
Hal: Close D for 1.1 and open item for 2.0

Anne: E and H (Condition references) push off until 2.0

Anne: Still have F (properties) open
Anne: Still have G (addicting target in environment element) open
Ann: ongoing discussion for F

Michiharu: Propse  to deffer f  to 2.0
Michiharu: Propose to defer G to 2.0

Hal vote to comities spec in 2 weeks
Anne: vote on 1.0 errata document in 2 weeks

Tim: when will the drafts be avail ?
Tim: how about by being of work day 7th
Anne: we would vote on the 10th

Hal: motion to close call

Anthony Nadalin | work 512.436.9568 | cell 512.289.4122

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