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Subject: Re: [xacml] another small time/date issue

this is my point. the only 'requirement' that we need be concerned with 
is the set of subject/action/resource inputs for a specfic decision. as 
i poisted in my first note, this does not exclude the [pXp] introducing 
attributes in a multistep process. XACML simply doesn't address how this 
is done (the point that i *think* you are trying to make ;o), it treats 
each decision as a unique transaction.


Daniel Engovatov wrote:
> To clarify myself:  yes, in most cases it is the PDP that will "provide"
> this attributes.  But as we where discussing for quite a while now - I
> do not think it is feasible to put exact requirement on exactly how it
> is done.
> The fact that it is a single block on Figure 1 does not mean it must be
> implemented as a monolithic piece in any sense.
> Could you suggest an example of a clarification?  Maybe it would be
> easier for me to understand why it is a problem then.
> Thank you.
> Daniel.

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