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Subject: XACML Work Items, Version 1.4

The long-awaited update to the XACML TC Work Item list is
attached.  I included only the work items that are currently
open, and started the numbering over.

Note: I submitted version 1.3 to the repository, then discovered
some formatting errors, so submitted corrections as version

Anne H. Anderson             Email: Anne.Anderson@Sun.COM
Sun Microsystems Laboratories
1 Network Drive,UBUR02-311     Tel: 781/442-0928
Burlington, MA 01803-0902 USA  Fax: 781/442-1692

Title: OASIS XACML TC Work Items


Maintainer: Anne Anderson
Version: 1.4
Updated: 04/06/22 (yy/mm/dd)


WI01. uri matching functions

Status: Tim has issued draft requirements and proposal.

Action needed: discuss and approve.


WI02. identifiers for profiles and other optional features

Status: Tony suggested we have some way of identifying which optional features or profiles a given implementation supports, or that a given request or policy requires.

Action needed: We need to decide whether this is worth doing, and if so, proposal and schema elements needed.


WI03. requests for multiple resources

Status: Anne has issued a profile that contains the various options that have been proposed for expressing a decision request for more than one resource.

Action needed: This profile needs to be discussed and approved.


WI04. changes to spec for requests for multiple resources

Status: Anne has posted a list of proposed changes.

Action needed: This needs to be discussed.


WI05. changes to spec for hierarchical resources

Status: Anne has posted a list of proposed changes.

Action needed: This needs to be discussed.


WI06. hierarchical resources

Status: One remaining open issue: "document-id" Attribute.

Action needed: [Michiharu] review "document-id" Attribute vs. document-id in a resource-id Attribute. Then approve.


WI07. role based access control

Status: Anne posted a new draft with one substantive change (a RECOMMENDED AttributeId to use for "role", with anyURI DataType). She is still trying to figure out whether Aleksey Studnev's comments should be incorporated.

Action needed: [Anne] finish review and issue new draft if necessary, then call for vote.


WI08. spec editorial review

Status: A few comments have been posted.

Action needed: [All] Every TC member should pick a segment of the spec and review it for editorial consistency, clarity, etc.

WI09. use case for non-XML hierarchical resources

Status: Anne has published a draft use case description.

Action needed: Discuss and approve


WI10. use case for XML hierarchical resources

Status: Michiharu agreed to write up a use case. Perhaps the example in the existing spec is sufficient, and should be moved from core spec to a special use case document.

Action needed: [Michiharu] publish a use case.

WI11. SAML convergence

Status: On 27 May 2004, TC approved "XACML Profile for SAML 2.0 Attributes" and sent to SSTC. That just covers Attribute formats and is progressing in the SSTC. XACML Profile for SAML covers XACML uses of SAML. Draft 02 published 10 March 2004. Waiting for SAML 2.0 freeze.

Action needed: [Anne] when SAML 2.0 frozen, issue updated draft.


WI12. delegation

Status: Frank Siebenlist described a way of supporting delegation at the F2F which generated interest. This would be a separate profile. Item for XACML 2.0 is whether to add <Issuer> element to core schema.

Action needed: Decide whether to add <Issuer> element to core schema.


WI13. backwards compatibility section

Status: Waiting for spec to reach stability.

Action needed: [Bill] write new section for spec.

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