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xacml message

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Subject: Adding an issuer to policyset/policy...

Please find attached an attempt by an xml-amateur to indicate the small changes required to add the (optional) notion of an issuer to the xacml 2.0 spec.

I remember that 6 months ago I went through the same exercise with Rebekah, who is by no means an xml-amateur, and that we came up with much better defined xml definitions. Before we could publish that to the world, she had that baby... and for some reason that was more important than xacml ;-)

Rebekah, if you're back online, do you still have those definitions somewhere?

If not, the changes are small, and we have other real xml-experts in the TC...

Regards, Frank.

Frank Siebenlist               franks@mcs.anl.gov
The Globus Alliance - Argonne National Laboratory


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