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Subject: Re: [xacml] all-of-any/any-of-all

The Haskell specification, of course, is extremely and formally precise
about it. :)


On Wed, 14 Jul 2004, Bill Parducci wrote:

> heck, i'm confused just reading the problem :o) my thinking is that if
> you and polar think it is confusing then others will too, so a proposal
> for alternate text would be of tangible value.
> just my two cents...
> b
> Seth Proctor wrote:
> > In a conversation over the weekend, I realized that the english text
> > used in the specification for the all-of-any and any-of-all functions is
> > at best confusing and at worst incorrect. Specifically, the problem is
> > with the word "collectively" which implies that all values from the
> > "all" bag must be evaluated against the same value from the "any" bag.
> > I'm also not sure the description for using the and function (in
> > all-of-any) or the or function (in any-of-all) is correct. I pinged
> > Polar about this, and he (I think) agreed that the text could use some
> > tweaking.
> >
> > Would someone like to agree or disagree on this point? Is it just me?
> > Can someone explain to me how the text about using and/or (the 5th
> > sentence of the 2nd paragraph in both sections) makes sense? If anyone
> > else agrees that this needs work then I'll propose some alternate text.
> >
> >
> > seth
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