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Subject: Possible XACML Interop at the Burton Group Conference

The chairs have been approached by OASIS staff to see if there is
interest in holding a public interoperability event around XACML at the
Burton Group Conference in San Francisco in late June 2007.

It would be open to all OASIS members, not just TC members. The idea
would not so much to test interoperability as to publicly demonstrate

One requirement would be to identify a person who would act as Interop
coordinator. (I have done this myself a couple of times, so I can tell
you pretty much what is involved.)

In addition to getting firm commitments from 3 or more participants, we
would have to define exactly what the interop would consist of. For
example, we would have to agree on any aspects not defined by XACML,
such as resource attributes, subject attributes, etc. We would probably
need to specify some specific policies to be created and evaluated.
Perhaps products could choose to create policies, evaluate policies or
do both. Interoping the Authorization Decision Request is another

I imagine we would want to do pairwise testing over the net in advance
of the show. Then it would be necessary to go to the show, set up a
network and test the systems there the day before the public event.
Finally, attendees would be able to observe the systems interoping and
there would most likely be a presentation given by the interop
coordinator about the event and of course about XACML.

An alternative suggestion was made to somehow combine 2 or 3 of XACML,
SAML and SPML into a single interop demo. This seems to me to be even
more difficult, but I am open to suggestions.

I will be looking for organizations to express any interest that may
have in such an event over the next month.


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