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xacml message

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Subject: Minutes for for 11 March 2010 TC Meeting

Time: 13:00 EDT
Tel: 513-241-0892 Access Code: 65998

Proposed Agenda for 11 March 2010 TC Meeting:

13:00 - 13:05 Roll Call & Approve Minutes:

Voting Members

Paul Tyson	 	Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.
Gareth Richards 	EMC Corporation
Sridhar Muppidi 	IBM
Jan Herrmann 	Individual
Bill Parducci 	Individual

Naomaru Itoi 	NextLabs, Inc.
Rich Levinson 	Oracle Corporation
Hal Lockhart 	Oracle Corporation
Dilli Arumugam 	Oracle Corporation
John Tolbert 	The Boeing Company

David Staggs 	Veterans Health Administration


Roy D'Souza 	Microsoft Corporation
Anthony Nadalin 	Microsoft Corporation	dilli

Approve Minutes:

 25 February 2010 TC Meeting

	approved no objection

 Note: did not have quorum last mtg: still need to approve prev minutes:
 11 February 2010 TC Meeting

	approved no objection

13:05-13:15 Adminsitrivia:

 EnCoRe project - first technical architecture released 
   - explicit maangement of consent and revocation

	Hal: interesting project using xacml

 Hal's ref to Mary's movie on document versioning:

	Hal: short movie explains how to set the title page of specs

13:15-14:00 TC Business:

 V3 - Edits/Corrections
  Verification of changes required for 3.0 specs from Mary:
   New versions of 3.0 specs uploaded by Erik:

	Hal: in shape for public review, been reviewed by tc admin
	 designated cross-references identified last time
	 list of new specs

	Hal: need vote to move docs to cd
	John: moves to move docs to cd
	Bill seconds
		approved no objection

	Hal: need vote to move docs to public review
	Rich: moves to move docs to public review
	Bill: seconds
		approved no objection

  Export Control Profile format comments from Kim Goolsby:
   original submission:

  IP Profile Comments:
   New IP Profile draft submitted:

	Export control - no reason for public review
	Hal: ask for vote to start ballot for cs
	John: moves to start ballot for cs
	Paul: seconds
		approved no objection

	IP Profile
	John: it's at wd, wants cd, and to have pub review

	Hal: votes
	John: moves to move to cd
	Rich: seconds

	Hal: point of designated cross-references is to docs that are
	 not in the final state, and expected to progress

	  approved no objection

	John: moves to public review
	Bill: seconds
		approved no objection

  Moving EC and IP profiles to public review: procedural details 
   discussed at last meeting (electronic ballot, etc.):

	see above (also TC admin said we didn't need pub rev on EC)

  Ontology Decision Point: discussion from last mtg - any follow-up:
   original refs:

	Hal: is there more to be said

	Paul: there is conf coming up (discussed below):

	Paul: has updated wiki w more thoughts
	 Where does fit in upcoming work of cd
	 Does someone need to produce a starter doc
	Hal: tc is flexible; wiki can be starter
	 place or submitted doc
	Hal: AMF may have needs for some details
	Paul: Rule-based programming for industry,
	 semantic web, in Edinburgh, sent email -
	 emerging stds of semantic web
	 might be an opportunity for someone to
	 suggest how to tie xacml into other 
	 stds emerging.
	Hal: call for papers - looking for real world
	Paul: Bell used some ontological concepts,
	 not explicit stds - would be interested in
	David: been working on using ontologies in hl7
	 for relations between objects and actions. Also
	 includes xacml - might be some fit, but info
	 is very new - not sure yet

	Paul: update on rdf page;

	Hal: info doc coming in oasis: is this useful?

	Paul: both normative and informational would be useful;
	 esp correlation of notions in xacml vs rdf properties

	Hal: maybe "best" or "workable" practices that are currently
	 known or in use. Experiences or practices might lead to 
	 basis for appropriate specs.

	Paul: rule or ontology experts might be able to contribute

	Paul: do we need to respond to issue on ontology decision point

	Hal: we should probably put in wiki since we don't lose it.

	Hal: for cs ballot we need to provide list of comments and what
	 was done. Scope is only on changes to docs; reqd at cs stage

	Hal: any other business:

	Dave: RSA had demos of profiles xspa, as well as re-demo the 2008 demo
	 people came by and were impressed that this was actually operational

	Hal: next meeting Mar 25th
	 meeting adjourned: 1:35PM ET

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