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Subject: Minutes for 19 May 2011 TC Meeting:

Time: 13:00 EDT
Tel: 513-241-0892 Access Code: 65998

Minutes for 19 May 2011 XACML TC Meeting:

I. Roll Call

Voting Members

Erik Rissanen 		Axiomatics
Abbie Barbir 		Bank of America
Paul Tyson 			Bell Helicopter Textron Inc.
Doron Grinstein 		BiTKOO
David Choy 			EMC
Remon Sinnema 		EMC
Sridhar Muppidi 		IBM
Gregory Neven 		IBM
Franz-Stefan Preiss 	IBM
Jan Herrmann 		Individual
Bill Parducci* 		Individual
Anthony Nadalin 		Microsoft
Rich Levinson 		Oracle
Hal Lockhart 		Oracle
John Tolbert 		The Boeing Company


David Brossard 		Axiomatics

    hal: have quorum

   &  Approve Minutes: 5 May 2011 TC Meeting

	hal: minutes approved no objection

II. Administrivia

     hal: still meeting weekly, although skipped last week

   "ITU-T Files of Interest" Update

     abbie: action from ITU-T - another month
	may need some assistance on technical editing

   EIC 2011 award (European Identity Conference)

     hal: xacml won 3 awards; 1 major, 2 specific
	bitkoo, axiomatics both were giving demo
	general upsurge in interest

   XACML v3.0 Webinar

     hal: no chgs;

   F2F: start talking details

     hal: not in calendar yet; scheduled 28-30 Jun
	in Lexington, MA, or/and Burlington, MA (1 exit away)

   current working draft:

III. Issues Active on List
   Indeterminate Policy Target handling

     hal: are there still

     rich: current algorithm requires input of decisions array

     erik: doesn't think evaluating children first should impact

     hal: rich's position doesn't currently have any additional
	support, but can consider continuing discussion on
	a separate implementation strategy thread.

     erik: will continue working on preparing draft based on
	current state

   Attribute Predicates:
   Attribute predicate Profile for SAML and XACML

     greg: posted doc to saml group; should we post a link
	to the saml draft
     hal: suggest posting the doc to our list as well
     greg: in summary; one attribute predicate per assertion;
	only one response; made details more specific;
	removed local and global variables; will crosspost
     greg: there was question by Ray about authorization based
	access control; allows user of one domain to access
	resource of other domain; other domain will say
	whether ok, and avoids the need to agree on
     greg: policy on which decision is based will be hosted
	on same domain that resource is based.
     ray: agrees;
     greg: so then attrIds should be agreed?
	thing that threw off was paper said domains didn't have
	to agree on attr-ids
     ray: does not know exactly where the quote being questioned
	is in doc?
     greg: will provide info on that to list
     greg: needs feedback on predicate strategies; here is link to
	saml email that announced doc:


   Specifying a specific associated Resource in a Policy (Sticky Policies)

     hal: would like people to look at this to determine what the
	reqts people see for sticky policies

   New Issue: REST profile
     david (from axiomatics): would like to start discussing

     hal: any other issues? none for today
	next mtg may 26

IV. Carryover Issues (last posting listed)
   XACML Metadata

   Break The Glass Profile

   Profile Examples (Hierarchy)

   PIP directive (additional information directives)

   Usage of status:missing-attribute in case of an AttributeSelector

   "Web Friendly" Policy Ids

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