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Subject: [xcbf] X9.84:2002 - Proposed Revision ASN.1 Module (July 2002)

I've posted my proposed ASN.1 schema for XML markup for
the 2002 revision of the X9.84:2001 Biometric standard
at http://asn-1.com/x984.htm. This work is an input to
the X9F4 meeting later this month.

Essentially, this code is meant to allow you to carry
one or more values of type BiometricObject in a message,
as BiometricObjects replaces BiometricObject throughout
the schema. Each object of course has its own header and
data, so the set of BiometricObjects can be the same
biometric type or not. This allows you to create a
biometric object for an individual from (say) a
fingerprint and an iris scan, or a set of fingerprints.

Where in the current XCBF schema you could only sign or
encrypt a single biometric object, with this bis version
you can sign or encrypt one or more in the same operation,
with the same key. A new top level type BiometricSyntaxSets
lets you collect sets of these, each set having its own

I renamed a few types as some of you advised and await
your further comments and suggestions specifically on
this issue. If you have anything you'd like renamed,
here's your chance to say so and I'll try to support
your suggestions in the X9F4 meeting.


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