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Subject: [xcbf] My Baltimore homework

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Phillip H. Griffin [mailto:phil.griffin@asn-1.com]
> Sent: Friday, December 20, 2002 15:27
> To: Monica Martin
> Subject: Re: [xcbf] [Fwd: [security-jc] submission of OASIS
> work to ITU-T]
> Monica the notes follow from the XCBF meeting. And yes,
> this name refers to the keyName component.
> Phil
> OASIS XCBF Meeting Notes - Baltimore, MD USA December 9, 2002
> 1. Change X9.84 references from 2002 to 2003.
> 2. Alessadro will post URLs to the XCBF list of public M1
>    document containing defintions of terms that do not agree
>    with some of the ones in our XCBF document.

I have identified a simple and useful document at the following URL:


>    After review, we should suggest places in the XCBF document
>    where it would be beneficial to refer to these M1 definitions.
>    NOTE: All of the yellow highlighted terms in the current
>    document indicate that I can find no location in the text
>    where they are referenced. So these are all candidates for
>    deletion. The question marks in the terms indicate that
>    this definition is merely included because it is a term
>    used only by one of the yellow terms. These will be deleted
>    if the parent term is removed.
> 3. Search for use of "template" and see if we can better qualify
>    our usage with "reference" or "sample", etc.
>    NOTE: There were three uses of template outside of the
>    definitions and terms. I inserted the word "reference"
>    at all three locations to qualify.
> 4. Need to define cryptographic and security terms. Need to try to
>    show where term definition comes from by using a reference in the
>    definition of the term. We should use the most appropriate
>    terminology (M1 for biometrics, X9/RFCs for security) for each
>    of our terms.
> 5. Add hypertext links from usage of ASN.1 type names to the text
>    area where they are first defined.
>    NOTE: The editor attempted this and decided that he does not
>    have sufficient bandwidth to accomplish this task.
> 6. For SignedData certs and crls, we need ECN to allow these
>    components to be base64 encoded. Paul Thorpe will provide the
>    XML EI.
> 7. Alessandro will submit for review and discussion a new first
>    sentence to the document at lines 22-23 and 65-66 to the list.
>    NOTE: Alessandro, please send this to the list.

Here are some samples.

0) The text currently reads:

Biometrics are measurable physical characteristics or personal
behavioral traits that can be used to recognize the identity of an
individual, or to verify a claimed identity.

1) First proposal (from the Biometric Consortium website,

Biometrics are automated methods of recognizing a person based on a
or behavioral characteristic. 

2) Second proposal (an older definition from the Biometric Consortium
website, still preferred by somebody):

Biometrics is a means of automatically recognizing a person using
distinguishing traits.

3) Third proposal (from OSS Nokalva's BioFoundry web pages,

Biometrics is an open-ended set of technologies based on the measurement

of some physical characteristics of human beings for the purpose of
an individual or verifying identity.

Please choice one.


> 8. PHG will check consistancy of usage of "component of Type" and
>    "component of type Type" throughout document.
>    Done. Any changes highlighted with revision changes flagged.
> 9. Finished Encrypted Content Information. Review should start
>    back at line 1195, Fixed Key EncryptedData.

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