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Subject: [xcbf] X.984 note

Just received the following.

X9F4 working group and interested parties,
We are pleased to announce that X9F4 has successfully issued the revision of the American National Standard (ANS) X9.84 Biometric Information Management and Security for its official 30-day X9 Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) and X9F Data and Information Security Subcommittee ballots. 
Following the 30-day ballot and comment resolution, the standard will be posted via the American National Standards Institute's (ANSI) registrar for a another 30-day public comment period, after which upon final approval by ANSI it will be an official American National Standard with a 2003 publication date. 
Somewhere between the X9 and X9F ballots and the final publication date (estimated March-April timeframe) the X9.84 standard will be submitted to ISO for international standardization. 
Jeff Stapleton - X9F4 chair
Phil Griffin - X9F4 vice chair

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