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Subject: Re: [xcbf] X.984 note


John Larmouth wrote:

> I have just read this, but vaguely new it was about to happen.  I will 
> be a bit opposed to this if Fast-Track is proposed, as I think that 
> serious work is needed to align it properly with BioAPI.

This will not be submitted as a fast track item. As far as alignment issues,
this revision now incorporates all of the alignment fixes suggested by our
XCBF work - the XCBF BiometricObject and BioAPI BIR are now
properly aligned, and there is now in X9.84 as in XCBF an XML bridge
(based on the X9.84 and XCBF schemas) between the two. The X9.84
revision references XCBF normatively.

> I would also very much prefer to see this progressed in SC37 and not 
> SC27.

It will most likely be proposed to ISO TC68, since it is the work of
X9, the US TAG to that group. Note that unlike some countries, X9
has only one avenue for progressing its work, TC68.

The draft NP document though calls for close cooperation with SC27,
as this work involves template protection mechanisms needed for secure
storage and transmission of biometric information. The current NP on
biometric in ballot in SC27 refers to X9.84 as a primary input document.

The proposed NP also calls for close cooperation with SC37. But you
will recall that at its first meeting, SC37 elected to change their 
charter to
eliminate template protection. Still, there's more to X9.84 than template
protection, though it's primary focus is information management and

These of course are merely my opinions and not those of the US.


> These are just personal opininions and comments, not UK views.
> John L
> Phillip H. Griffin wrote:
>> Just received the following.
>> Phil
>> X9F4 working group and interested parties,
>> We are pleased to announce that X9F4 has successfully issued the 
>> revision of the American National Standard (ANS) X9.84 Biometric 
>> Information Management and Security for its official 30-day X9 
>> Accredited Standards Committee (ASC) and X9F Data and Information 
>> Security Subcommittee ballots.  
>> Following the 30-day ballot and comment resolution, the standard will 
>> be posted via the American National Standards Institute's (ANSI) 
>> registrar for a another 30-day public comment period, after which 
>> upon final approval by ANSI it will be an official American National 
>> Standard with a 2003 publication date.  
>> Somewhere between the X9 and X9F ballots and the final publication 
>> date (estimated March-April timeframe) the X9.84 standard will be 
>> submitted to ISO for international standardization.  
>> Jeff Stapleton - X9F4 chair
>> Phil Griffin - X9F4 vice chair

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