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xcbf message

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Subject: Re: Fw: [xcbf] XCBF CS Ballot

Whatever Ed replies to the e-mail below from Phil, I think we have a 
difficult situation that I would very much like to have resolved.  The
following comments may or may not be helpful in this regard.

The use of BASE64 is indeed part of Amendment 1 to X.693, not of X.693 

That amendement (on currrent timescales - which I think *will* be met) 
will become publicly available shortly after the next SG17 Geneva 
meeting in early September.

With the best will in the world, there is nothing I can do (I think) to 
change that formal position re ISO/ITU-T and the general outside world. 
  But OASIS is different - which may or may not help Ed and the 
resolution of his comment.

OASIS has been long-established as a category A liaison to both ITU-T 
SG17 and ISO/IEC JTC1/SC6 (the two bodies concerned with ASN.1 work), 
and so has access to the working documents for this amendment, which are 
becoming increasingly mature.

These documents are available to all members of OASIS.

I agree that this is not quite the same as "public availability", and I 
also accept that the documents are subject to change due to ballot 
comments (and so will not be totally stable until Approval by ITU-T in 
September).  This is something that cannot be changed:  until due 
balloting processes are completed, nothing is fixed.

But I hope that these remarks may help in the resolution of Ed's comments.

I would add that it is normal in ISO to allow a document to proced to IS 
when things it references are one step behind (still at DIS level).  It 
would not seem unreasonable for OASIS to adopt a similar approach when 
referencing ISO and ITU-T documents.

John L

Phillip H. Griffin wrote:
> Ed,
> Just to be very clear. You are voting NOT to accept the
> proposed revisions (which address comments made in
> the thirty day public review period) to the intial XCBF
> CS document?
> Or are you instead voting to accept those revision changes
> to create a revised CS, but voting against progressing the
> TC submitting a CS to OASIS for consideration as an
> OASIS Standard?
> Phil
> Ed Day wrote:
>> Below is the original text from Objective Systems on the first ballot for
>> XCBF.  Since there has been no resolution to this comment, Objective 
>> Systems
>> votes NO to progressing XCBF to the next stage until either the 
>> reference is
>> made available or removed from the list of references in the proposed
>> standard.
>> Regards,
>> Ed Day
>> Objective Systems, Inc.
>> Tel: +1 (484) 875-9841
>> Fax: +1 (484) 875-9830
>> Toll-free: (877) 307-6855 (USA only)
>> mailto:eday@obj-sys.com
>> http://www.obj-sys.com
>> ----- Original Message -----
>> From: "Ed Day" <eday@obj-sys.com>
>> To: "Phillip H. Griffin" <phil.griffin@asn-1.com>
>> Sent: Wednesday, January 08, 2003 3:48 PM
>> Subject: Re: [xcbf] XCBF CS Ballot
>>> Objective Systems votes to approve with a reservation.  The values
>>> 'CertificateSet' and 'CertificateReservationLists' are shown to be OCTET
>>> STRING's in the ASN.1 schema.  Yet in the text, the comment is made that
>>> these shall be encoded in the markup using base64 encoding.  This is 
>>> not a
>>> valid way to encode OCTET STRING's under the X.693 XML encoding 
>>> rules.  A
>>> document is referenced - X.693 Amendment 1 (VXER) - which proclaims 
>>> to fix
>>> this defect.  But this document is not available for public review at 
>>> this
>>> time.  It is therefore not possible to produce an implementation that
>>> conforms to the schema as stated.
>>> Regards,
>>> Ed Day
>>> Objective Systems, Inc.
>>> Tel: +1 (484) 875-3020
>>> Fax: +1 (484) 875-2913
>>> Toll-free: (877) 307-6855 (USA only)
>>> mailto:eday@obj-sys.com
>>> http://www.obj-sys.com
>>> ----- Original Message -----
>>> From: "Phillip H. Griffin" <phil.griffin@asn-1.com>
>>> To: "[OASIS XCBF]" <xcbf@lists.oasis-open.org>
>>> Sent: Monday, January 06, 2003 9:58 PM
>>> Subject: [xcbf] XCBF CS Ballot
>>>> I have updated the documents for the CS Ballot starting
>>>> tomorrow and ending in two weeks. Please review the
>>>> files and send any comments to the list. And please vote
>>>> on the approval of the work as an OASIS Committee
>>>> Specification before January 21, 2003.
>>>> Phil
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    Larmouth T&PDS Ltd
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