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Subject: Re: [xcbf] Ballot failed, or new version started? Who has approvedthe version 2 draft?

On Thu, 17 Apr 2003, John Larmouth wrote:

> Phillip H. Griffin wrote:
> > VXER is still the term used in the current CS.
> Phil,
> As you know, there are times I get VERY angry with you!  I know that 
> anger is bad.
> But you have been told many times that this is an archaic term, and has 
> been replaced by EXTENDED-XER, yet you refuse to change it.  Why on 
> earth do you insist on continuing to use it?  This is just a naming 
> issue.  You need to get your text right (and your e-mails).
> You need an Editor to help you that knows about ASN.1!  I nominate Paul 
> Thorpe.
> John L

Thanks for the offer, John, but I don't have the bandwidth to take this on
right now.


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