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Subject: Bi-weekly XCBF telecon

Hi Team,
Thanks to you all for your input on the subject. So here is the proposal re
Bi-weekkly XCBF telecon
Time: 9:00AM Pacific Time
Length: 1-hour
Starting on May 23, 2003, going through the end of the year.
Telecon Agenda: I will post each telecon's agenda on the Web site ahead of
time prior to the call day, so folks would have enough time to be prepared.
Submit to me any item you would like to be covered and I will include them
in the agenda.
Minutes: Right after each telecon, I will post its minutes on the site.
Cancellation or Addition: If needed, we will jointly decide on cancelling a
specific telecon on a specific Friday (due to holidays, not necessary,
conflicts, etc.) or on adding a special call (for rush period of editing,
issues to be resolved asap, meeting dealine, etc.)

Jamie: We start the call on May 23, so we have enough time to prepare the
agenda and so you can attend. I know you cannot make at 9:00 AM PT this
Friday May 16 (tomorrow).

Team: Any suggestions for May 23 agenda. How about we have an assessment of
where we are at now with the CS and where we want to go, what to do next.

Best regards,
Tyky Aichelen

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