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Subject: No XRI/XDI TC telecon tomorrow (Thursday 12/5)

XRI and XDI TC Members and Observers:

In celebration of XRI Resolution 2.0 Committee Draft 02 entering public
review, OpenID Authentication 2.0 (which now officially references XRI
Resolution 2.0 CD02) going final this morning (see
http://openid.net/2007/12/05/openid-2_0-final-ly/), a very successful
Internet Identity Workshop that just ended today, and the fact that it's a
particular milestone birthday of mine tomorrow (I won't say which one ;-),
we won't be holding our XRI and XDI TC joint telecon tomorrow (Thursday,
December 5).

Our next telecon will be Thursday, December 13, at 10AM PT. One of our
topics will be charter updates for both TCs and laying out our 2008 agenda.
XRI and XRDS infrastructure is playing an increasing role in the emerging
Internet identity layer and interest in XDI is growing rapidly -- our XDI
RDF session at the close of IIW today was very well attended, and architects
from other major identity frameworks are now asking us how they can take
advantage of XRI and XDI. So 2008 promises to be a very exciting year.

Talk to everyone in a week,


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