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Subject: XRI and XDI TC Members: PLEASE VOTE ASAP

[Sent jointly to the XRI and XDI TCs since they have overlapping membership]

As you know, the OASIS Standard ballots on XRI Syntax 2.0 and XRI Resolution
2.0 began last Friday, 5/16. As of 6:30 PM PT on Monday, 5/19, we have 19
Yes votes (and zero No votes) out of 300 voting members. A minimum of 45
votes (15% of the voting members) are required to pass, so we are 40% of the
way there.

A link to each ballot follows below.

XRI Syntax 2.0:

XRI Resolution 2.0:

Our first goal is to make sure all XRI and XDI TC voting members have cast a
vote. That should take us to the half-way point. We will then begin a
reminder campaign with the rest of the voters.

The following XRI and XDI TC members have already voted:

Advanced Micro Devices
NeuStar, Inc.
Nomura Research Institute, Ltd. (NRI)

Below is a roster of the remaining XRI and XDI TC organizational members
(and their OASIS primary voting reps) who still need to vote:

AmSoft Systems - Ajay Madhok
Booz Allen Hamilton - Robert Porch
China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) - XiaoDong Lee
Planetwork, Inc. - Owen Davis
The Boeing Company - Stuart Galt
University of Rome "Tor Vergata" - Nicola Melazzi
XDI.ORG - Bill Washburn

If each of these members could vote as soon as possible, that would put us
over the half-way point, and make it much easier for us to attract the rest
of the votes we need.

Thank you,


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