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Subject: Re: [xdi] XDI RDF Model V12

Dear Drummond,

thank you for this new version. I'm synchronizing my graph model  
proposal with this new specs, it basically impacts on two issues:  
semantics for inverse predicates and context descriptors. Related to  
this latter, I have two questions. I report an excerpt from one  
example in the current specs:


Q1) the first XDI statement, $/$is$a/$$xdi, shouldn't it be instead  
$/$a/$$xdi? As the former $is$a (subclassof, type) is now replaced by  
$a. Is it just a typo or I'm missing something here?

Q2) the use of $$xdi instead of $context$xdi. Is there a reason to do  
this? Sometimes ago we discussed to have $$ reserved for XDI variables  
in queries, similar to SPARQL $. At that time, however we were talking  
about $$ followed by numbers, e.g. $$1, $$5, $$206... but, given the  
similarity with the use of $ in SPARQL, maybe we can have this  
extended also with letters? This would help the programmer making the  
query, e.g.


might be more readable than


What do you think?


At 07.20 29/01/2009, Drummond Reed wrote:
I was finally able to finish a complete update to The XDI RDF Graph Model
document and upload it (before I go offline for four days):





It is now fully in sync with our wiki page for the XDI 1.0 Addressing and
RDF Graph Model spec text:


The final appendix has the list of all revisions, but the key ones were:

* Revise inversion predicate to $is
* Revise $context to $$...
* Revise XDI context examples
* Revise XDI dictionary example
* Update RDF analogies

I still don't know if there is enough information in the Context Descriptor
and Context Reference section to address some of what Giovanni brought up in
the document he posted last week. Hopefully since Markus is there with him
this week they will be able to discuss this and clear up any questions.

See my next email RE the tomorrow's telecon.


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