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Subject: [xliff] XLIFF Face to Face Meeting Agenda

Below is a proposed agenda for the face to face meeting in Dublin Ireland schedule for Thursday and Friday,  9 & 10 May 2002.   Comments appreciated.

Berlitz GlobalNet
3 West Pier Business Campus
Dun Laoghaire
Co. Dublin, Ireland
Conference room phone number = +353 1 6636056

Web Resources:
Local Information - Dun Laograire Guide - http://www.dun-laoghaire.com/
Going Out Guide - Time Out Guide to Dublin - http://www.timeout.com/dublin/index.html
News,  Weather,  etc - Irish Times Online - http://www.ireland.com
Ireland Web Portal - Ireland Online - http://home.iol.ie/

Wednesday: 8 May 2002
     2:00pm         Preparation Meeting @ Dun Laoghaire
                          Participants: Peter,  Jonathan,  Tony (anyone else care to join???)
                          Morph consolidated 1.1 proposals into presentation(s)

Thursday 9 May 2002
     08:30- 09:00   Welcome & Introductions (coffee,  donuts,  etc)

     09:30-09:45     Meeting Agenda,  Objectives & Deliverables (Presentation)
                             Review agenda for both days, revise as necessary
                             Review high level objectives for the meeting
                             Review list of deliverables for the meeting
                                 -XLIFF 1.1 requirements
                                 -XLIFF 1.1 draft spec
                                 -XLIFF 1.1 schedule
                                 -Strategic plan for 1.1,  1.2, 2.0 etc.

     09:45-11:30     XLIFF 1.1 Framework,  Vision  and Roadmap
                             What state is XLIFF 1.0 in now?
                             Who is using 1.0?
                             How's 1.0 being used?
                             Where's XLIFF going in general?
                             What are the 2-3 main concepts of 1.1?
                             How to we get from where we are now to 1.1?
                             How does 1.1 affect established users of 1.0?
                             What is migration path for 1.0 users,  if any?
                             What are the GIL industry trends that we need to take into consideration when planning 1.1 and beyond?
                             What are trends in XML & general technology space that we need to be aware of?
                             Does the group need to actively recruit other members?  Who and why?
                             Do we know enough to discuss in general terms what's beyond 1.1?  is there a 1.2?  or 2.0?
                             Timeline for next 18 months +

     11:30-12:30     Discuss and update XLIFF TC Mission Statement to include 1.1 deliverables
                             Previous discussion segues and feeds into this one

     12:30-13:30    Lunch

     13:30-???         XLIFF 1.1 Proposals -
                              Presentations:  Consolidated 1.1 Proposal Submissions
                              Discussion on Proposal Submissions
                              Triage proposals into Must Have,  Should Have,  and Nice to Have

     16:00               Phone Conference Commences (but all can participate from 13:30 onward)
                             Summary of progress & discussion

     17:00               VOTE on recommended Triage of XLIFF 1.1 features.

     17:15ish            Adjourn meeting for the day.

Friday 10 May 2002
     08:30- 09:00    Recap of previous day's meetings

     09:30-09:45     Adjust meeting agenda,  objectives & deliverables
                             Review and adjust if necessary list of deliverables based on time remaining
                                 -XLIFF 1.1 requirements
                                 -XLIFF 1.1 draft spec
                                 -XLIFF 1.1 schedule
                                 -Strategic plan for 1.1,  1.2, 2.0 etc.
                             Review remaining time, revise agenda as necessary
     09:45-12:30     Detailed feature requirements / specification for XLIFF 1.1
                             Work through list of features voted as Must Have & Should Have,  with Nice to Have

     12:30-13:30    Lunch

     13:30-14:30    Cont. Detailed feature requirments / specification for XLIFF 1.1
                             Work through list of features voted as Must Have & Should Have,  with Nice to Have
                             Wrap up discussion,  and post work to web.

     14:30-15:30    Decide how work on remaining deliverables will be completed:
                             Agree to Process,  Schedules & ownership for:
                                             subsequent drafts and final 1.1 spec
                                             Schema (also,  confirm schema type to be delivered)
                                             DTD,  if appropriate
                                             White Paper
                                             Sample data files
                                             Sample XSLT's or other means of conversion for migrators from 1.0->1.1
                             Discuss and agree if 1.1 should be submitted to XLIFF standards approval process.

     15:30              Phone Conference Commences (but all can participate from 13:30 onward)
     15:30-16:00    Rough requirements for 1.2 / 2.0
                            Review any "should have" and "nice to have"'s that didn't nake it into 1.1
                            Discuss timeframe for release

     16:00-16:30    VOTE on 1.1 spec proposal (NOTE:  vote may be deferred to another meeting or via email voting if deemed appropriate).

     16:30-17:00    Meeting Summary & Review
                            Meeting Summary - state what was accomplished
                            Meeting review
                                 -did we meet objectives set forth at start of meeting?
                                 -what didn't get done - and why not - and when will it get done?
                                 -how do we feel about the quality of the work accomplished over the 2 days?
                                 -what went well?
                                 -what didn't go well?
                                 -when should we have another face to face?
                                 -suggestions for improvement?
     17:00          Adjourn Meeting
     19:30          Group Dinner

Tony Jewtushenko    mailto:tony.jewtushenko@oracle.com
Sr. Tools Program Manager   direct tel: +353.1.8039080
Product Management - Tools Technology Team
Oracle Corporation, Ireland

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