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Subject: Re: [xliff] Reformat element

Hi Matt,

It is proposed to have both a reformat attribute and element (this is a
naming convention problem). The reformat element could specify elements
and attributes that may or may not be reformated, including those from
another namespace. Also proposed are two new elements: font and coord.
Your example follows:

<trans-unit id="1" translate="yes" ORA_XLIFF:CLSNM="1">
  <font fontName="Arial"  fontSize="8" fontWeight="bold"/>

  <coord cx="183" cy="272" />
  <reformat element="font" edit="true"/>
  <reformat element ="coord" edit="false"/>
  <reformat attribute="ORA_XLIFF:CLSNM" edit="false"/>

The issues solved are as follows: 
1)      The list of attributes controlled by reformat attribute is not
2)      The reformat element does not permit individual elements in
this list to be selected 
4)      New Issue: Font and Coord attributes are not well defined

There may be a simpler solution:
1) Change the semantics of the reformat attribute to refer to all the
attributes of the group, trans-unit, or bin-unit element that are shared
by the target and alt-trans. This is only a slight modification of the
semantics since the list of attributes isn't defined. Also, it is only
needed when turning off reformat since the default is "yes".
2) Add a no-edit-attribute attribute that can list the attributes for
that element that cannot be reformatted. This gives us a granular way to
turn off reformatting of an attribute.
3) Add the reformat and no-edit-attribute attribute to those elements
where it makes sense (font and coord, if accepted); 

This satisfies the issue of the open list of attributes (issue 1), of
individual elements not being able to specify whether they permit
reformat (issue 2), and it will handle any new elements that may be
added (issue 4). 

However, I prefer keeping font and coord as attributes of trans-unit
and target since there really is no good way of adding those elements to
the target. The greater granularity suggested is a good idea, though.
Thus, I'd suggest just adding those attributes proposed for the font and
coord elements to the elements that have font and coord (group,
trans-unit, target, and alt-trans). 

Modifying your example with these proposals and a target gives the

<trans-unit id="1" translate="yes" ORA_XLIFF:CLSNM="1"  
                     fontname="Arial"  fontsize="8"
                     cx="183" cy="272" 
                     no-edit-attribute="ORA_XLIFF:CLSNM cx cy">
  <target fontname="Helvetica"  fontsize="9">OK</target>


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