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Subject: Re: [xliff] HTML XLIFF 1.1 attributes list

In our last meeting I mentioned a spreadsheet of the attribute values I had worked on this past September. I was given an action item to forward it to the group. It turns out that I had confined myself to restype values in that spreadsheet. It is attached in HTML format.
In this spreadsheet:
Column 1 contains extracted values from all suggested values up to that point.
Column 2 contains recommended values from 1.0.
Column 3 contains descriptions of those 1.0 values
Column 4 contains XUL values, proposed by Christian
Column 5 contains Enda's proposed values
Column 6 contains Yves's proposed values
Column 7 contains .Net resource types
Column 8 contains .Net values Enda suggest we use
Column 9 contains .Net values Enda suggest we ignore
Column 10 contains Oracle proposed values
This spreadsheet was not updated according to the latest set of values (I don't have that list) from a previous meeting. Once updated and reviewed by all proposers (and others) it could provide a good point to begin mapping. What do you think?
  XLIFF 1.0   XUL Elements Enda   .NET use ignore Oracle
accelerator       accelerator (Proposed value only) Yves Savourel: Indicates an accelerator object, for example an entry in an ACCELERATORS resource in Windows.        
action     action            
arrowscrollbox     arrowscrollbox            
Autocomplete Textbox     Autocomplete Textbox            
autorepeatbutton     autorepeatbutton            
binding     binding            
bindings     bindings            
bitmap       bitmap changed to image or picture (Proposed value only) Yves Savourel: Indicates a bitmap, for example a BITMAP resource in Windows.        
box     box           Box
broadcaster     broadcaster            
broadcasterset     broadcasterset            
browser     browser            
button button Button in UI. button button Indicates a button object, for example a PUSHBUTTON contol Windows. Button button   Button
caption caption Title in UI, caption in documentation, alternate text, etc. caption caption Indicates a caption, such as the caption of a dialog box.        
cell cell Text in a table cell.   cell Indicates the cell in a table, for example the content of the <td> element in HTML.        
CellRendererPane                 CellRendererPane
checkbox checkbox Check box in UI. checkbox checkbox Indicates check box object, for example a AUTOCHECKBOX control in Windows. CheckBox checkbox   CheckBox
CheckBoxMenuItem                 CheckBoxMenuItem
checked-listbox       checked-listbox like a list box, but has a check box beside each item CheckedListBox checked-listbox    
ColorChooser                 ColorChooser
ColorDialog           ColorDialog   x  
colorpicker     colorpicker            
column     column            
columns     columns            
combobox       combobox (Proposed value only) Yves Savourel: Indicates a combination of edit box and listbox object, for example a COMBOBOX control in Windows. ComboBox combobox   ComboBox
command     command            
commands     commands            
commandset     commandset            
Component                 Component
conditions     conditions            
Container                 Container
content     content            
ContextMenu           ContextMenu   x  
CrystalReportViewer           CrystalReportViewer   x  
cursor       cursor (Proposed value only) Yves Savourel: Indicates a cursor, for example a CURSOR resource in Windows.        
DataGrid           DataGrid   ?  
datetimepicker       datetimepicker indicates a date picker control DateTimePicker datetimepicker    
deck     deck            
description     description            
DesktopPane                 DesktopPane
dialog dialog Dialog box in UI. dialog dialog Indicates a dialog box.       Dialog
domainupdown           DomainUpDown   domainupdown  
edit       edit changed to textbox (Proposed value only) Yves Savourel: Indicates an edit box object, for example an EDIT control in Windows.        
editor     editor            
EditorPane                 EditorPane
ErrorProvider           ErrorProvider   ?  
Event Handlers     Event Handlers            
file file Filename, path.   file Indicates a filename.        
FileChooser                 FileChooser
fn fn Footnote.   fn Indicates a footnote.        
font font Font name.   font ??? {To be defined}        
FontDialog           FontDialog   x  
footer footer Footer text.   footer Indicates a footer.        
FormattedTextField                 FormattedTextField
frame frame Frame or window, or any generic group of components.   frame Indicates a frame object.       Frame
grid     grid            
grippy     grippy            
groupbox     groupbox groupbox (Proposed value only) Yves Savourel: Indicates a groupbox object, for example a GROUPBOX control in Windows. GroupBox groupbox    
hbox     hbox            
header header Header text.   header Indicates a header item.        
heading heading Title or header-type segment.   heading Indicates a heading, such has the content of <h1>, <h2>, etc. in HTML.        
helpprovider           HelpProvider   helpprovider  
hscrollbar           HScrollBar h-scrollbar    
icon       icon (Proposed value only) Yves Savourel: Indicates an icon, for example a BITMAP resource in Windows.        
iframe     iframe            
image     image       image    
imagelist           ImageList   imagelist  
InternalFrame                 InternalFrame
key     key            
keyset     keyset            
keywords keywords  List of keywords, enumeration within a paragraph, etc.   keywords Indicates keyword list, such as the content of the Keywords meta-data in HTML, or a K footnote in WinHelp RTF.        
label label Static text, label in UI, etc. label label Indicates a label object. Label label   Label
LayeredPane                 LayeredPane
linklabel       linklabel Indicates a label that is also a html link ( not necessarily a URL )    LinkLabel linklabel    
list       list (Proposed value only) Yves Savourel: Indicates a list (a group of list-items, for example an <ol> or <ul> element in HTML).              List
listbox     listbox listbox (Proposed value only) Yves Savourel: Indicates a listbox object, for example an LISTBOX control in Windows. ListBox listbox    
listcell     listcell            
listcol     listcol            
listcols     listcols            
listhead     listhead            
listitem listitem Paragraph in a list, entry in a list box, etc. listitem listitem Indicates an list item (an entry in a list).        
ListView           ListView   ?  
MainMenu           MainMenu   ?  
member     member            
menu menu Menu. menu menu Indicates a menu (a group of menu-items).   menu   Menu
menubar     menubar           MenuBar
menuitem menuitem Entry in a UI menu. menuitem menuitem Indicates a menu item (an entry in a menu).       MenuItem
menulist     menulist            
menupopup     menupopup            
menuseparator     menuseparator            
message message Prompt, error or warning message.   message Indicates a message, for example an entry in a MESSAGETABLE resource in Windows.        
monthcalendar       monthcalendar indicates a calendar control MonthCalendar monthcalendar    
Mozilla's Custom Style Properties     Mozilla's Custom Style Properties            
NotifyIcon           NotifyIcon   notifyicon  
numericupdown       numericupdown indicates an edit beside a spin control NumericUpDown numericupdown    
observes     observes            
OpenFileDialog           OpenFileDialog   x  
OptionPane                 OptionPane
overlay     overlay            
page     page            
PageSetupDialog           PageSetupDialog   x  
panel       panel catch all for rectangular areas Panel panel   Panel
PasswordField                 PasswordField
PictureBox           PictureBox   ?  
popup     popup            
PopupMenu                 PopupMenu
popupset     popupset            
PrintDialog           PrintDialog   x  
PrintDocument           PrintDocument   ?  
PrintPreviewControl           PrintPreviewControl   ?  
PrintPreviewDialog           PrintPreviewDialog   x  
progressbar       progressbar indicates a vertical / hotizontal rectangle that gets shaded depending on progress ProgressBar progressbar   ProgressBar
progressmeter     progressmeter            
pushbox       pushbox (Proposed value only) Yves Savourel: Indicates a pushbox object, for example a PUSHBOX control in Windows.        
radio radio Radio button in UI. radio radio changed to radiobutton Indicates a radio button object, for example a RADIOBUTTON control in Windows.        
radiobutton           RadioButton radiobutton   RadioButton
RadioButtonMenuItem                 RadioButtonMenuItem
radiogroup     radiogroup            
resizer     resizer            
resourcebundle     resourcebundle            
richtextbox           RichTextBox   richtextbox  
RootPane                 RootPane
row     row            
rows     rows            
rule     rule            
SaveFileDialog           SaveFileDialog   x  
script     script            
scrollbar     scrollbar scrollbar changed to v-scrollbar and h-scrollbar (Proposed value only) Yves Savourel: Indicates a scrollbar object, for example a SCROLLBAR control in Windows.       ScrollBar
scrollbarbutton     scrollbarbutton            
scrollbox     scrollbox            
ScrollPane                 ScrollPane
separator     separator           Separator
shortcut shortcut Windows accelerators, shortcuts in resource or property files.   shortcut ??? {To be defined}        
slider     slider           Slider
spacer     spacer            
Spinner                 Spinner
SplitPane                 SplitPane
splitter     splitter splitter indicates a splitter bar Splitter splitter    
stack     stack            
static       static,  same as label ? (Proposed value only) Yves Savourel: Indicates a static object.        
statusbar     statusbar statusbar indicates a window for providing feedback to use, like a readonly edit. StatusBar statusbar    
statusbarpanel     statusbarpanel            
string string Generic text from source code, string table, etc.   string Indicates a string, for example an entry in a STRINGTABLE resource in Windows.        
stringbundle     stringbundle            
stringbundleset     stringbundleset            
tab     tab            
TabbedPane                 TabbedPane
tabbox     tabbox            
tabbrowser     tabbrowser            
tabcontrol       tabcontrol indicates layers of controls with a tab to select layers TabControl tabcontrol    
Table                 Table
tabpanel     tabpanel            
tabpanels     tabpanels            
tabs     tabs            
template     template            
TextArea                 TextArea
textbox     textbox     TextBox textbox    
TextComponent                 TextComponent
TextField                 TextField
textnode     textnode            
TextPane                 TextPane
thumb     thumb            
timer           Timer   timer  
titlebar     titlebar            
ToggleButton                 ToggleButton
toolbar     toolbar toolbar indicates an array of buttons ToolBar toolbar    
ToolBar                 ToolBar
ToolBar                 ToolBar
toolbarbutton     toolbarbutton            
toolbargrippy     toolbargrippy            
toolbaritem     toolbaritem            
toolbarpalette     toolbarpalette            
toolbarseparator     toolbarseparator            
toolbarset     toolbarset            
toolbox     toolbox            
tooltip     tooltip tooltip indicates a popoup tooltip ToolTip tooltip    
ToolTip                 ToolTip
trackbar       trackbar indicates a bar with a pointer indicating a position within a certain range TrackBar trackbar    
tree     tree            
Tree                 Tree
treecell     treecell            
treechildren     treechildren            
treecol     treecol            
treecols     treecols            
treecontrol       treecontrol indicates a hierarchical list of items   treecontrol    
treeitem     treeitem            
treerow     treerow            
treeseparator     treeseparator            
TreeView           TreeView   ?  
triple     triple            
uri       uri (Proposed value only) Yves Savourel: Indicates a URI (URN or URL).        
var var  Variable   var Indicates the text of a variable.        
vbox     vbox            
Viewport                 Viewport
vscrollbar       VSrollBar   v-scrollbar      
window     window            
Window                 Window
wizard     wizard            
wizardpage     wizardpage            

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