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Subject: RE: [xliff] Re: a case for "finished" as a valid value forstate

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My post was for two purposes: 1) post Bryan's proposal; 2) suggest a consolidation of the completed concept.
If the <trans-unit> is non-translatable, it could be marked complete at the time of creating the XLIFF. That is how I took Bryan's usage of "finished". It could also be binary data, as you have pointed out.

>>> "Gerard Cattin des Bois" <gcatt@windows.microsoft.com> 4/8/03 11:44:01 AM >>>
John, when you describe the finished state, are you referring to binary data, such as resources that may not have any text, but nonetheless may require some adaptation or non-text localization? resources that have both text and binary information, but indicating state of binary data rather than text?

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From: John Reid [mailto:JREID@novell.com]
Sent: Tuesday, April 08, 2003 9:53 AM
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Subject: [xliff] Re: a case for "finished" as a valid value for state

I have no problem with this. However, it might be good to consolidate the two concepts of "finished" and "signed-off" so that 1 state says if work on a trans-unit is completed. I have no other suggestion for this, though.

>>> <bryan.s.schnabel@exgate.tek.com> 4/8/03 10:48:36 AM >>>
[I tried again to send this to the list, but it bounced back.  Could one of you please post this on my behalf?  I'll try (again) to fix my email account with OASIS, thanks]

Although "finished" is described as a "workflow state" in the current specification, I propose that "finished" should remain a pre-defined value for state.

In my XLIFF application, the state of "translated" is suitable for targets that have been translated. The state of "signed-off" could indicate a definite reviewed/completion status. But I have targets that are not candidates for translation, and have not been "translated," and are not yet "signed-off," but are indeed "finished."

The state of finished is not accurately described by any of the other values in the list, from my point of view.

I'm not passionate about this, but I thought I'd pass along my thoughts.



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