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Subject: state attribute

Hi All,
Attached find a spread sheet that divides the current list of the state attribute values into 3 logical groups.  These groups are explained below.
I have changed the name of some values for consistency (suggestions for addition are marked in blue, suggestions for removal / deprecation are in red)
I am suggesting the addition of one new attribute to simplify the problem of state being used for many different purposes.
Group 1 - Translation states
Group 2 - State-Qualifiers
Group 3 - Workflow
An item that has a translation status of signed-off could have state-qualifiers of leveraged-tm and id-match.
It is easy to get a summary of the translation status by reading the state attribute value.  For processors that are interested in more detail, reading the state-qualifier value yields more information.  In this case, we can see that the translation is a good match because it was found with an id match by a leverage process.
In the spreadsheet I have also included a list of what I feel may not be needed anymore from the list.
This doc is for discussion, try to voice all opinions now, so we can tailor the doc for a vote next Tuesday.


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