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Subject: HTML Profile - restype values

Hi everyone,

Bryan and I thought we could work more efficiently if we were posting
directly some of the question we are running into while working on the
HTML->XLIFF representation.

So, we'll start a few threads. Here is the first:

======================================== QUESTION:

What should be the restype values of HTML content?

--- HTML Source Example:


--- Discussion:

While some parts of HTML content have corresponding restype values in the
current XLIFF 1.1 (for examnple: table, row, etc. there are many others that
do not, and there are cases where the current values are not enough (e.g.
h1, h2, h3, etc. cannot be all mapped to 'heading'?).

So, what could be a solution for the attribute values not supported?

--- Possible Solutions:

A) Come up witha new attribute (using the extension point) of a new
namespace that would allows us to create a whole list of HTML-specific info:

<trans-unit id='1' xlfhtm:type='h1'>

But then XLIFF's restype would be unused.

B) Define a list of extended values for restype, following a logcal pattern.
For example, something like:


that will give you:


But then should we use that mechanism too for the HTML parts that do have a
match in the current restype values? For example: restype='x-html-table' or

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