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xliff message

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Subject: Notes from my pile

Dear team,

our new version is finished, the Localization World is over, time to pop my

I think I was not able to post the following note because I used the wrong
email account for sending. I hope I can get it through this time.

>>>>>My first note is about "A tricky problem for handling in XLIFF"
In my view the described problem is an i18n issue. If already implemented in
the source from the beginning, it is not an issue for XLIFF later. Of course
this means that issues of the target languages to be supported must be known
at development time but isn't this something i18n is about? Also some kind
of template expansion are possible that generates the source files for
specific ugly languages (also describing the cases the translators have to
translate). At least you will get a clean separation of code and localizable

>>>>>My second note is about "Adding inline terminology information to
I see three problems when adding terminology to target elemens:
1. Some tools allow to aling XLIFF content by reading and processing both
source and target elements. Using target ofr other information but target
makes processing more complicated.
2. When the translation is stored in target, the terminology information is
lost and cannot be used in a later validation step. This is the first
scenario where we loose information by writing the target element.
3. how to handle terms with more than one translation.

Also keep in mind that the proposed solution violates the rule, that no
information shall get lost during processing! The next obvious solution
would add terminology information to alt-trans.

>>>>>.NET Profile. Some thoughts based on our .NET parser implementation. I
tried to send it to Gérard and Enda, but got no feedback. May be the wrong
email account again. Here is it again for all of you.

Best regards from Bonn,

Florian Sachse
PASS Engineering GmbH
Managing Director
Remigiusstr. 1
53111 Bonn

Tel: +49 228 697242
Fax: +49 228 697104

Internet: www.passolo.com
egroup: www.egroups.com/group/passolo


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