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Subject: XLIFF TC Telelconference - Minutes

XLIFF TC Teleconference 
Date:  Tuesday, 03 August 2010
Time:  11:00am - 12:00pm ET

=== 1/ Roll call

Attendees: Arle, Rodolfo, Bryan, Yves, Lucia, Asgeir, Andrew, David, Dimitra, Doug.

=== 2/ Approve Tuesday, 20 July 2010 meeting minutes:
Accept, reject, or amend.

Bryan moves to accept the minutes.
Asgeir seconds.
No objections.

=== 3.1 Updates on the 1st International XLIFF Symposium

Dimitra: notifications sent, deadline Aug-20th.
Rodolfo: longer session possible? (30mn is too short)
Lucia: difficult to accommodate
Dimitra: could have 10mn more (instead of QA), if a presenter is absent we can make it longer.
Bryan: I think we used 50mn last time, I can make my piece shorter.
Lucia: Maybe we can make keynotes shorter.
Bryan: Symposium participation looks promising. This could give us momentum for 2.0 (suggestions, review, etc.)
Rodolfo: BTW: presentation would be remotely for me.
Bryan: maybe we need to have call with Lucia/Dimitra to coordinate this presentation.

=== 3.2. Possible to get more work done by scheduling face-to-face meetings
(Lucia created a poll http://www.doodle.com/ra63ue77nevp976a )

Seems XLIFF Symposium would be good candidate for F2F meeting.
Yves: unlikely to attend any event this year.
Bryan: maybe we could have dial-in option, need also to decide day and time.
Arle: Not LocWorld, but other OK
Lucia: end of day would be better (after symposium)
Arle: also good for calling from US
Rodolfo: Can't be there, but can dial in
Doug: same
Andrew: same
Rodolfo: Wiesbaden ok for me probably.
Bryan: so F2F at limerick seems to be OK. Can we do it at the LRC?
Lucia: hotel is booked for the day.
Yves: will check for GoToMeeting.
Rodolfo: I can also provide GoToMeeting or Acrobat session.
Lucia: will need exact time for leaving the room
Bryan: 3h long probably.
Bryan: let's coordinate by email

Arle: LISA will have a standard round-table 27/28 February or 6/7 March in D.C. (US)
Having TC representatives would be nice.
Will send details soon.
Target: Multilingual content in general (including localization), trying to identify break-down points.
Bryan: sound interesting. DITA/SVG/ITS/etc. could be involved too.
Arle: want to have it small 20/30 people
Dimitra: as a webinar would be good too.

=== 3.3. Move our spec into Docbook (http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/xliff/201007/msg00009.html)
---a. Filter current spec into Docbook (Bryan)

Bryan: talking about moving 2.0 specs to docbook.
Seems a good idea to most.
I would be happy to do a onetime 1.2 spec conversion to get 2.0 doc started.

---b. Share in SVN (Bryan, Rodolfo)
Rodolfo: all TC member have read/write in SVN, we can roll-back, etc.
We can split in chapter to have separate editable parts, so several people can edit at once.
Yves: +1
Bryan: editor would compile the spec?
Rodolfo: Yes. I have the tools for generating the pub. 3 outputs: Docbook, HTML, PDF
Bryan: should we all use the same editor tool?
Rodolfo: I use oXygen, but anyone can use what they like, as look as the XML is valid.
Bryan: is there a subset of elements we are restricted too?
Rodolfo: using the full-set is fine, rely on default for the output.

ACTION ITEM: Bryan to convert the existing spec to docbook
ACTION ITEM: Rodolfo to split the result by chapter and put them in SVN and document the access

Arle: if running into roadblock, please document the workaround so all can benefit

---c. Policy for contributors?
Bryan: require valid XML output, can use the tool they want, full set ok.
Rodolfo: all commits will generate an email.

Bryan: Important: this will not be the only way to contribute. 
Rodolfo: could generate PDF at meeting and people can comment on it.
David: an open-source tool?
Rodolfo: oXygen is $50 and useful
Bryan: Serna open-source: http://www.syntext.com/products/serna-free/

=== 4/ XLIFF Inline text SC report

Yves: Still in requirement definition phase. Slow between meetings.
Rodolfo: was away for long. Have looked at definitions and they look ok.
When will we start work on actual elements?
Yves: after the requirements are done.
Rodolfo: should I join now?
Yves: Your input would be good to have.

=== 5/ XLIFF 1.2 Errata Status Update
(should we think about skipping 1.2 errata, and accelerating 2.0?)

Bryan: we worked on making 2.0 more nimble.
We had a deadline for the 2.0 features
We should move the deadline to after the symposium to make sure we get all input
We never voted on the deadline, so it's ok to scrape it.
We can extend it to after the F2F/Symposium.

Charter is out of date
Maybe we may need to do: a) charter, b) conformance, while gathering features.
Work on 1.2 errata could slow us or may be detrimental.

Rodolfo: never voted on deadline for feature or not.
Two options are still open.
Errata: minor changes only. 2.0 is major change.
Charter: can't update it until we define features for 2.0
Bryan: does today's charter is enough for our current work?
Rodolfo: a lot of discussion about the charters in the chairs list because it's what TC look to shut down TC. But we have an active TC, so it should be ok for us.
David: no sure what role of charter is in OASIS. In general it should capture goals and commitment. They should evolve. It seems now is a good point to revisit it.
I also agree with Rodolfo it can't be closed until all features are in.
Would freeze charter along with requirement list.
Think charter could be open to modification until we close requirements.
Not good to have nothing on 2.0 goals now.

Rodolfo: but changing the charter means going through some OASIS admin cycle.
Bryan: agree that charter need to have 2.0 mentioned, and need to be adjusted as we get requirements.
And that maybe 1 month after Symposium to close requirement
Maybe we can work on it internally

Rodolfo: move charter to wiki, to work on it at the same time we work on requirements.
David: if official charter publication is not too long, I would favor at least have a change to mention 2.0 goals.
But only if not complicated/time consuming.

ACTION ITEM: Bryan to look at process to change charter, to see how difficult it is.

Bryan: Maybe could have a first simple change, then a second change after the requirements are closed.

David: propose to work on the charter idea until next meeting.
Bryan: good idea.

=== 10/ New Business


=== Next meeting Aug-17.

-meeting adjourned-

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