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Subject: RE: [xliff] Where we stand on conformance, and how to best resolve (RE: XLIFF TC Meeting 16 Nov 2010)

Hi Bryan, all,

> 1. Please take a look at my characterization of where we 
> stand on this issue and feel free to offer corrections or 
> clarifications

I wouldn't say I'm against "processing conformances". Just that I don't see how that can be completely validated by a process, like a format/syntax conformance, and therefore I wonder if thse processing expectations can simply be at a different level than the OASIS-required conformances.

> 2. Please let me know if you plan to attend the meeting 
> this week

Cannot alas.

> 3. Please let me know if you agree that while we can probably 
> move quickly to resolution - based on the ample discussion 
> we've had, we really need to be sure we have the three primary
> position owners (Rodolfo, David, and Christian) on the call 
> to have a rounded representation.

A quick resolution would be nice.
Tend to agree that it would be nice to have Rodolfo, David and Christian on the call for a decision.


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