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Subject: RE: [xliff] srcDir, trgDir, dir vs just dir

Hi David, all,

> I agree that you do not do anything to them when re-segmenting, the 
> note would be just a caveat to look for the defaults in these 
> structural attributes, when it appears that dir is not set..
> I think it is wrorth a note because the value is inherited from a 
> different attribute, not the same as in case of translate or 
> canResegment..
> I propose this wording:
> Please note that dir is inherited from trgDir or srcDir if not set 
> explicitly, see dir [link] for its default values.

I disagree: We cannot keep reminding implementers how defaults are set.

If one of the two dir attributes is absent a developer cannot compare them without knowing how to compute a default value. Telling
to check for the difference is all is need for that PR.

Look at this another way: You don't see the need to tell how the default value of state is obtain. Why would the default value for
dir would be different? In both case you look at the definition of those attributes and you know.


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