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Subject: RE: [xliff] Segmentation Modifications

I've also updated the tool here:



In case you want to see if my assumptions when splitting/joining are correct with your own input files:


To segment (after ". ") use:

lynx -rw -seg myFile.xlf


To un-segment as a modifier, use:

lynx -rw -join1 myFile.xlf


You can also un-segment and re-segment (The parameters order doesn’t matter: The un-segmenting is always done first, then the segmentation is performed):

Lynx -rw –seg -join1 myFile.xlf


To un-segment as a merger, use:

lynx -rw -join2 myFile.xlf


That -join2 option is to test the PRs for a Merger vs a Modifier (a Merger should be able to join all segments even the ones with canResegment='no') obviously here the tool just generate an XLIFF output not a merged file.


Note that for now lynx accepts the translate attribute in <segment> but just ignore it when re-segmenting (since we decided to remove it).


I'm still testing but hopefully I'll have a set of comments for the Segmentation Modification section soon.




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