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Subject: RE: [xliff] Segmentation Modifications

Hi David, all,

> toJoin2_out seems not to be joined, 
> the files look the same as the  *in file

Yes. That is because at least one segment says canResegment='no'.

The command used here joins all segments in a unit, except if one or more segments has canResegment='no' (all or nothing, it's just
the way the command work for now).

> based on the fragment identifier discussion, we have seen 
> that file ids need to be REQUIRED
> It remains to be seen if they can stay NMTOKENs
> BTW, I know think they can..

Very possible. But we don't yet have a TC decision on this overall issue.
I try to avoid doing changes until it's official at the TC level.

> Also translate should not be on segment any longer, 
> as confirmed several minutes ago..

Yes. That's part of the changes.
I've just pushed a new version of the tool and test files that expect translate to not be in <segment>.


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