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Subject: Re: [xliff] XLIFF 2.0 + ICU messages in Angular

Hi Rodolfo,

> It is interesting to notice how Angular mixes XLIFF 2.0 with ICU
> Message Format for handling plurals and alternates. It places raw
> ICU notation in <source>, something that requires additional
> processing before translation.
> I've got a sample file with XLIFF 2.0 that has some validation
> issues. It might be interesting to contact the i18n group at Angular
> and work with them on XLIFF 2.0 support.

The goal of Unicode Message Format Working Group (https://github.com/unicode-org/message-format-wg)
is standardizing message format pattern and behavior including plural.
They started with ICU message format as the base.

David is participating the working group, and as far as I know, one of
his main interest is XLIFF representation for message format patterns.
He may have some better insights for plural message pattern issue.

I'm also struggling the plural format handling in our private translation
service in IBM. Some teams started using ICU style plural message
format (through formatJS, Angular, etc.) and some other teams started
using gettext plural. The gettext plural is a bit difficult to handle,
because it require to produce different numbers of segments. So our
internal code maps gettext plural messages into ICU style plural pattern.
Of course, it ended up the raw pattern is passed through XLIFF and
it's really error prone. We need extra tooling for translation workbench
to detect and handle the pattern.


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