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Subject: Status of secure resolution

XRI TC Members:

As we head into final preparation of the XRI Syntax and Resolution
Specification 1.0 Committee Draft, Xavier Serret has raised the question
that we left open at the end of our f2f last February: what is the
status of secure resolution? Are we going to: 

a) Cover it normatively in the 1.0 spec,
b) Cover it non-normatively in the 1.0 spec (say, in an appendix),
c) Cover it in a subsequent specification from the XRI TC, or
d) Leave it to the soon-to-be-proposed XDI TC?

We need to close on this quickly so we know how we will treat the issue
in the 08 (gold candidate) draft, so please take a moment to post your
opinion relative to the above options.


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