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Subject: RE: [xri] Status of secure resolution


With very little understanding of the alternatives, I can only ask for some
clarification on what our options are in dealing with secure resolution and
what the choices would mean to the release of the specification:

>>a) Cover it normatively in the 1.0 spec,
>>b) Cover it non-normatively in the 1.0 spec (say, in an appendix),

Presumably these alternatives would be almost as much work as each other -
the big question here is: would these choices adversely impact on any
momentum that XRI has externally? Unless some work has already been done in
this area that we could incorporate reasonably quickly, I suspect that
waiting is not a good choice.

>>c) Cover it in a subsequent specification from the XRI TC, or

That would appear to be a good way of moving forwards. But would this
specification actually happen? I think we need to have a plan for dealing
with secure resolution and unless a secure resolution spec can appear (in
draft) before the initial specification is approved, this rout may have its
own problems.

>>d) Leave it to the soon-to-be-proposed XDI TC?

This is the one I haven't got a clue about - what is XDI? Is it a
specialization of XRI (in which case I suspect that shifting secure
resolution to it may distract from its purpose), or something else?

>>We need to close on this quickly so we know how we will treat the
>>issue in the 08 (gold candidate) draft, so please take a moment to
>>post your opinion relative to the above options.

I suspect (c) is the best path, but would like to know that the secure
resolution spec would be visible (or at least the activity visible) before
the main specification is approved by OASIS. Also, I'd like to know about
what the XDI activity would plan to cover (and presumably why it would
therefore be an option) - advance apologies if this has been addressed in
this TC and I've missed it.



Eamonn Neylon
Manifest Solutions
Tel: +44 1869 357156

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