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xri message

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Subject: XRI FAQ feedback

Gabe, Drummond:

Very nice job on getting this together.  This FAQ should go a long way towards helping others understand what we've been working on.  Following are a few details that I think need correction (or at least to be looked at). ;)

Page 1, lines 29/30: "XRI creates a new URI scheme..." should say something more to the effect of "XRI creates a new URI-compatible scheme...."

Page 2, lines 2/3: "URNs provide the ability to declare only entire identifier as a long-lived 'key'" is a little hard to parse and perhaps a little too terse as well.

Page 2, line 5: "aking" should probably be "akin."

Page 2, lines 8-10: Examples of the URI and XRI referred to in the text would be helpful.

Page 2, line 33/34: Give an example of this XRI in addition to the narrative.

Page 2, line 40: "neccesarily" should be "necessarily."

Page 2, line 42: "resoure" should be "resource."

Page 4, line 3: Are there HTTP URIs that could not be XRIs with the change of "http" to "xri?"  (i.e., is "most" correct here?)

Page 5, line 14/15:  There seems to be a page break here that isn't needed.


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