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Subject: Re: Minutes of 2000-06-05 XSLT/XPath Conformance Committee


I would expect that the first order of business of every meeting
would be the approval of the minutes of the previous one. If someone
has objected to the previous minutes over email, I'd say the
objection(s) can be added automatically to that part of the agenda
dealing with minutes approval, without needing additional support.
Then, during the phase of previous-meeting-minutes-approval, you
can talk to your heart's content about it ;-)

Now I must confess that I'm fascinated by D.Marston's proposed
addition to the minutes that says:

"4. The product of this commitee will have some form of
intellectual-property protection."

Are you seeking something that goes beyond what's stated in OASIS's
IP policies? If so, this may be problematic. Hm. No, let me restate:
If so, you have a problem in your hands.


"G. Ken Holman" wrote:
> At 00/06/09 17:45 -0400, atman wrote:
> >Interpreting this as a motion, I second it for inclusion as an agenda
> >item, in the form of a motion to be voted, at the Phone meeting, under
> >approval of minutes.
> My understanding is that we can't entertain motions via email because we
> aren't in a meeting.
> Our objectives in email are to line up all the contributions,
> recommendations and motions that *will* be made at the next meeting, so
> that the actual business of the meeting is effectively rubber stamping
> through process the decisions we effectively make over email.
> All mail list contributions requiring action at the next meeting will be
> walked through during the meeting and acted on; to prepare for the meeting
> the proposed agenda I post will include a reference to all documents to be
> acted on (and members identifying missing documents to be addressed should
> speak up after the draft agenda is published).
> To prevent *all* mail list postings from being added to the agenda, perhaps
> we should deliberate using email and at some point whoever is directing the
> particular deliberation ask that a particular document be added to the
> agenda to the next meeting for action.  And, just as JR has done here, the
> addition to the agenda should be vocally supported (thus preventing
> frivolous (not that I'd expect that, though) or multiple documents to be
> added to the meeting).
> We will hone our productivity using the email list (a concern of mine is
> that we won't be productive) ... I think what has happened is just
> right:  David brought up a change to the minutes and JR supported that
> David's document is mature enough to be discussed at the meeting.
> Not many meeting documents will be ready instantly from their first
> posting.  Most will trigger discussion and deliberation to the point at
> which we end up with the mature document that is brought to the
> meeting.  When someone thinks the document is ready, they can propose it be
> added and as just happened we can wait for someone to support the addition
> to the agenda (though, technically, it isn't a motion and a seconding).  I
> think anyone can state they don't think a document is ready for
> consideration at a meeting.
> I had already added David's document to the agenda I'm preparing, but next
> time I will wait for a posting like JR's that supports the adding of a mail
> list post to the agenda.
> Let me know if you support this concept.  Any suggestions for procedure and
> policy will be warmly entertained.
> Thanks folks!
> ................... Ken
> p.s. sorry if I seem out of sync with the messages, but I don't have great
> connectivity here in Paris
> --
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