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Subject: Draft meeting minutes June 12, 2013


Please find the minutes for today's meeting below and let me know if anything needs to be corrected.


Minutes for 12 June 2013 TC meeting.
Started at: 1:05 pm EDT

Kel Callahan (Voting Member)
John Davis (Voting Member)
Duane DeCouteau (Voting Members)
Mohammad Jafari (Chair)
Carl Mattocks (Voting Member) 

Quorum reached (%100 of voting members)

1. Roll Call & Agenda Review.

2. Volunteer to take minutes.
Mohammad: Since there are not many people on the call I can take minutes myself.

3. Approval of minutes from previous meeting (May 15th 2013):
Kel moved and Carl seconded. Unanimously approved.

4.	TC Call Time:
No objections to Wednesdays 1 PM ET every 4 weeks.
5.	Introducing new work items and the leads:
**Profile Updates:
Mike: We need to add more features and new attributes (e.g. attributes for user clearances) and take out the specific vocabularies and refer to HL7.
Mohammad: For the XACML profile we need to update to XACML v3.0. How about the implementation guides?
Duane: The main updates are to the profiles and attributes. Implementation guides are reference material and of secondary importance.
Duane: There is a new use-case for enforcing consent directives. The policy (consent directive) is carried as part of the XACML request and the PDP evaluates the request against the given policy. This is useful for policies that are dynamically generated such as the case of consent directives.
Mohammad: This mechanism is also important for the performance of policy lookup when there is a large number of policies; if the policy is referenced within the request context, the PDP does not need to check all the policies to find the ones that are applicable.
Kel: Is there anything else as part of CDA that must be considered in this TC. The alignment with CDA is important.
Mike: We can consult HL7 people about this.

Mohammad: Do we have anyone in the TC who can inform us about non-US healthcare exchange use-cases?
Mike: We can ask people in XACML and SAML TC.
Mike: I know healthcare people who are not necessarily members of OASIS.
Mohammad: We can invite them as guests for presentations etc.
Carl: The challenge is whether or not the information they share is covered by the intellectual property agreement. Jane from OASIS can help publish invitation for use-cases and support outside the TC. We can contact Jane.
Mohammad: I will do that.
Mike: HL7 can also help. There is agreements between HL7 and OASIS but we have to make sure what the protocol is.
Mohammad: I will contact Jane.

Duane: The changes are not too daunting. 
Mike proposed September as a tentative deadline. No objections.
Mohammad: Not including the standard cycle and the ITU ballots.
Mohammad: I will compile a list of action items.
Moved by Duane and seconded by Mike. Unanimously approved.
Meeting adjourned at 1:40pm EDT.

Next call on Wednesday July 3rd at 1 PM EDT.

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