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Subject: SUGGESTIONS: corrections, clarifications, improvements to Examples?

Ref:  http://lists.oasis-open.org/archives/cgmo-webcgm/200509/msg00093.html
Comments:  45-47

In these three comments, Dieter points out an error, and suggests other 
improvements, about the examples of

The error:  the CGM-to-HTML example is nonsense!  (Editor must have been ...).
The suggestion:  remove the example of the "discouraged" form.

The error should be fixed of course.  Rather than altogether remove the 
discouraged form, I suggest to move it to last, after the preferred forms, 
and indicate that it is allowed but discouraged.  Reason: as long as it is 
still legal, that it is better to show how to do it right (since everyone 
has probably implemented it in their viewers) than to ignore it.

RECOMMENDATION:  attached is a proposed rewrite of the examples.

Title: CGM Open specification - WebCGM 2.0 - WebCGM Intelligent Content

EXAMPLES. The first following example illustrates the only allowable form of a CGM-to-HTML link that would open an HTML document in a new, blank window and navigate to an anchor, myAnchor, in the document:

  1. myHTMLfile.html#myAnchor as 'linkrui' 1st parameter, plus 'linkuri' 3rd parameter value of _blank .

The preferred form of an analagous CGM-to-CGM link -- opening a CGM in a new blank window, and navigating to a particular object -- is shown in the following two examples:

  1. myCGMfile.cgm#picseqno(1).objid(someId,zoom) , plus 'linkuri' 3rd parameter value of _blank,
  2. or simply: myCGMfile.cgm#objid(someId,zoom) , plus 'linkuri' 3rd parameter value of _blank .

The following example illustrates an allowed, but discouraged, variant of the forms #2 and #3:

  1. myCGMfile.cgm#pictseqno(1,_blank).objid(someId,zoom)

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