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Subject: More Ch.3 Editorials [was: Re: [cgmo-webcgm] WebCGM20-CD2 - Review of Chapter 3]

At 02:31 PM 9/21/2005 +0200, Ulrich Laesche wrote:
>I found one fault and two topics which may (or may not) need clarification.
>1) In section, the table "Object behaviors of WebCGM 2.0" contains
>three identical entries "full+addHighlight" which should be
>full/zoom/move+addHighlight instead.

Right, discussed at 20050921 telecon and fixed.

>2) In section it says: "name - .... All objects in the picture with
>matching 'name' attributes are selected."  In section it says:
>"For multiple selected objects the target rectangle is the bounding box of
>the target rectangles of the individual objects, which latter are computed
>according to the preceding 3 bullets."  Finally, in section I read:
>"Example 5: http://example.org/webcgm/engine_top.cgm#name(cooling) .... The
>view zooms to the first object containing a 'name' attribute with value
>"cooling".  Isn't that contradictory, i.e. shouldn't all objects with the
>same name be grouped and zoomed in according to the target rectangle as
>calculated in  I have really no preference here.

Good catch.  The stuff in Example 5 is old, and hasn't been updated to 
agree with the defined behavior when zooming to a group of objects.  In any 
case, Boeing is writing new, more appropriate examples to replace all the 
examples in this section.  So all of these examples will disappear and be 
replaced by new examples.


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