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Subject: OASIS - Technology Services memo 25.5.01.a

To:  The Technical Committee Chairs
From:  OASIS Technology Services Staff
25 May 2001

Effective 30 May 2001, 9:00am (est) we will be closing FTP access to the
OASIS Technical Committees as we transition to the latest version of the
OASIS website.  The launch for the new OASIS site is scheduled for 1 June
2001, 9:00 am (est).

This launch also marks the beginning of a longer period of development and
service enhancements.  Not the first, but certainly the most obvious, of
these service enhancements is the offering of dedicated webmastering
services by the OASIS Technology Services group.  Our aim in offering these
services is to further fulfill our mission to facilitate the development of
XML standards through making our knowledge and human resources directly
available to the Technical Committees.  In doing this, we hope to accelerate
the document publishing process while giving Technical Committee members
more time to work on that which is of great value to the community as a
whole - the standards themselves.  Other benefits include a greater level of
consistency with the overall OASIS style and improved cross-browser

Those Technical Committees still wishing to do their own web authoring
should make it known to Karl Best and myself. Unless you have specifically
requested to maintain your Technical Committee's web pages, we will be
disabling ftp access to your Technical Committee and the OASIS Technology
Services group will assume web authoring responsibility.

To publish documents Technical Committee Chairs have only to email documents
to submissions@oasis-open.org in MSWord, PDF, RTF, or ASCII format with
instructions explaining where the documents or changes should be placed.

In most cases, documents will be published in less than 24 hours. The
technical committee homepage will be updated, the new documents will be
added, and email confirming the completed changes will be sent back to the
Technical Committee Chair.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact Karl Best
or myself.

I look forward to addressing you again as new features come online.  Thank
you for your participation in OASIS.

Jeffrey Lomas
Manager - Technology Services
PO BOX 455
Billerica, MA 01821
978.667.5115 x205


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