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chairs message

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Subject: [chairs] status update


I've modified the Charter and Group Description fields for your TCs.
Previously I had put your blurb (short TC description) as well as links 
to your charter and IP statements in the Group Description field, and a 
link to the charter in the Charter field. I've now put the link to the 
charter and IP statements in your Charter field, and removed them from 
the Group Description field. I'll make the charter and IP statement as 
HTML files in your TC directory instead of the PDFs that I set up a 
couple weeks ago.

Please don't modify the Charter field (I'll own that one), but please 
keep the Group Description (your blurb) and your Group Notes 
(announcements to your TC members) current. The Group Description field 
(the blurb) will appear at the top of the TC's public page, and on the 
page listing all TCs.

I'll have a prototype of your public page to look at in the next couple 
of days; essentially this will be your existing TC page but with a lot 
of the content replaced by links to dynamic information in the Kavi 
database. The public page will include have a link to the private 
members-only (Kavi) page.

We had set up accounts for as many eligible members as we had complete 
infromation for (mostly based on the TC rosters that I had asked you 
for). We're aware that we weren't able to create accounts for all of the 
2500+ subscribers to our lists, so have been working for the past couple 
of weeks to get this additional information in place. We'll do another 
round of importing the next couple of days, then again just before 
launch date (still scheduled for 13 March). So if you've gone into your 
roster to change people from Observer to Member, and the person isn't 
listed yet we'll have them added before the launch. This means, 
unfortunately, that you'll have to do another check of the roster at 
launch time, for which I apologize, but we're doing our best to get as 
complete information as possible as soon as possible.


Karl F. Best
Vice President, OASIS
+1 978.667.5115 x206
karl.best@oasis-open.org  http://www.oasis-open.org

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