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chairs message

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Subject: Part2 : re [chairs] Of un-patents and un-inventions


Realized there's a second part to this WRT OASIS.

While these other sites provide whatever goals they 
seek to fulfil - one important other aspect for us is
related to IPR, assignment and longterm viability
of our OASIS specifications.

Regardless of whether the USPTO looks at our
site or not - if we can establish materials that - in
the event of a need - can strongly defend our
specifications - then that in of itself is also very
worthwhile.  That is clean-up - after whatever
mess the USPTO creates has occurred - assuming
we've determined they are going to do it 

Reminds me of kid-proofing the day-care at
the local kindergarten!   Yeah they are going to
mess; we just need to be able to wash the 
walls and floors, put the tables and chairs 
back where they were - and be ready for
the next day to do it all over again!


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