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Subject: Re: [cti] Re: STIX 1.3 & STIX 2.0 Nominations/Discussions Thread

I think that Terry MacDonald, Joep Gommers and Bernd Grobauer could be
valuable and trusted good non-US candidates.

Best regards

2015-06-19 6:04 GMT+03:00  <jg@ctin.us>:
> Hi All:
> I'd like to suggest that we get back to some of the other arguments and
> considerations that were made during the build-up to the vote for a Chair
> for the CTI-TC Committee; that is, that we emphasize international
> representation.
> We have had a nomination for Sean Barnum and Aharon Chernin for Co-Chairs
> for the STIX Sub-Committee.  Both are excellent candidates...but, sadly,
> both are based in the U.S.
> I'd like to, once again, bring up the idea of international representation
> beyond U.S. government agencies, subcontractors and US ISACs as a key
> decision tool for our leadership selection dialogue and process. I believe
> that it is in all of our best interests to advocate and support leadership
> beyond CONUS to maximize international participation in the
> standards-setting process...and adoption of the standards themselves.
> As such, I'd also like to point out that over the past couple of years we
> have had active engagement by a number of members of the various Listservs
> from non-US participants.  I'd like to suggest that we consider these
> individuals as well.
> With respect to the STIX Sub-Committee (however it evolves), I'd like to
> suggest that Terry MacDonald be considered as one of the Co-Chairs of the
> STIX Committee.  Terry has been a consistent contributor over the past year
> (since I've been monitoring the Listserv) and represents a South Asia
> perspective.... which would be a welcome addition to the geographical
> representation to the leadership for STIX.  His participation has been
> consistent and substantive.  And, he is willing and able to serve in the
> capacity of Co-Chair.
> As such, I nominate Terry MacDonald as one of the Co-Chairs for the STIX
> Sub-Committee.
> Respectfully,
>> Jane Ginn
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